Our offer: Characters-as-a-Service (CaaS)

At VIRTUAL BEINGS, our goal is to democratize access to believable and captivating AI characters for developers of all shapes and sizes. If you need AI characters to engage your players or simply to make your virtual world feel more alive, we have a solution for you.
We offer Characters-as-a-Service (CaaS) powered by KuteEngine™. CaaS allows anyone to activate, configure and integrate high-end characters into their scenes rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional "game AI" development.
As a creator, you can access our CaaS product by subscribing to one of the following tiers.
  • Background characters are able to interact with your virtual world and with other AI characters in rich and complex ways. Their mission is to make your world feel more alive, not to interact with players directly.
  • Side characters have all the features of background characters, and they can also interact with players through exactly one type of interaction. Examples of such interactions for side characters include "petting" for a stray dog in a FPS, "quest giving" for a villager in an RPG, or "giving a guided tour" for a host in a corporate metaverse.
  • Main characters have all the features of side characters and are able interact with the player in multiple ways. A prime example are virtual pets in pet games, which can be fed, petted, played with and trained. Another example are sidekicks in adventure games or RPGs.
Curious about how CaaS could add value to your game or virtual world? Ping us! Also, we'd like to mention that we're constantly expanding the character types supported by KuteEngine. Humans and humanoids are up first, so please sign up for our waitlist if this is what you need.