Before anything else, we strongly recommend joining our Discord. This is where you can find support from the devs, updates and an enthusiastic community that can inspire you and give you feedback!

The three steps

Getting started with KuteEngine™ is as simple as ...

You do these steps inside your game engine and a 3D game project of your choosing:

  1. Getting started in Unity3D.

  2. Getting started in UE5.

Supported character types

KuteEngine™ is about helping you make your characters come to life. The first step in the creation of a new AI character is therefore to ensure that you have a gorgeous character model that's compatible with one of our archetypes.

Our publicly available CaaS solution currently supports human & humanoid characters. For all other character types, we offer custom solutions. KuteEngine™ supports any character rig you can imagine, and our past work includes:

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Humans

  • Humanoid robots

  • Small birds

  • Floaters (legless floating characters)

  • Butterflies

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