Step 1: Activation

Supported archetypes

KuteEngine™ is about helping you make your characters come to life. The first step in the creation of a new AI character is therefore to ensure that you have a gorgeous character model that's compatible with one of our archetypes.
This list is growing continuously in response to client demand, so don't hesitate to ping us if yours isn't mentioned yet!
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Small birds
  • Humans & humanoids [coming in March 2023]
  • Floaters (legless two-armed characters)
  • Butterflies

Process by game engine

Unity Engine

1. For humans/humanoids [coming in March 2023]

If you're using humanoid characters, you're in luck, as Unity supports animation retargeting for them out-of-the-box. The activation is therefore very simple:
  • When importing your character into Unity, choose the "Rig" tab in the inspector and select the humanoid rig.
  • Create a new prefab from the character.
  • Add a HumanoidBeing component to the prefab and press the 'Auto configuration' button.
  • Go through the configuration dialogue.

2. For characters using Unity's 'generic' rig.

We're working on an automatic setup process for generic characters. This process comprises
  • an interactive semi-automatic rigging and skinning process and
  • an automatic animation retargeting step.
We will release a first, limited version of this automated process in Q4 2023 to selected testers. In the meantime, we're offering an on-demand service to help you activate your character. Contact us!

Unreal Engine 5

Support for UE5 is coming in Q4 2023.