Adding and changing content

KuteEngine allows you to make unique AI characters that can fulfill any kind of role in your game or virtual world. You achieve that by adding or changing two types of content (besides 3D characters and settings, discussed earlier).

  1. Expressive animations. You want your character to have a unique walk cycle, to do new things like dancing, or more generally to move it's body in accordance to your art direction? No problem, you can add to or change absolutely everything in your character's procedural animation system, and it's easier than you may think!

  2. Activities. For many devs, our samples and character archetypes are just a starting point. You can create unique behaviors, interactions, personalities and life-cycles by diving into the activity system and adding or changing just about any behavior you can think of.

To add your own content, start by familiarzing yourself with the architecture of KuteEngine. Please let us know on Discord if anything is unclear or missing, we're always ready to help.

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