Understanding the architecture of KuteEngine™

KuteEngine is a (near real time) operating system for interactive characters. Instead of having to worry about low-level problems such as character rigs, animation systems or network synchronization, it lets you focus on the big picture of what your character actually does and how it does it.

What is an operating system?

An OS such as Windows abstracts away the details and complexities of things like processors, memory systems or displays.

Applications running on the OS (say, your text editor or your web browser) access them through a much simpler and robust API, or application programming interface. They are 'managed' by the OS, allowing them to safely run in parallel and talk to each other.

In KuteEngine, the analog to applications are called activities.

The architecture of KuteEngine revolves around a number of key concepts which we discuss in the following sub-pages:

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