Detach weight and Override

Detach weight on leg

In Unity, procedural animation will take over feet animations to ensure correct placement of the feet on the ground. However, we don’t want it to affect the feet when they are moving. This is something to keep in mind when animating in Blender. You will find the “leg_Detach_weight” controller on both side of the head.

These controllers have 2 positions: 0 (attached) and 1 (detached), referring to the scale Y 1 to 2 transform. As long as the feet are not on the ground (and so are moving in some ways, or just not flat on the ground), these controllers should be detached so the feet follow perfectly the animation made on blender. The feet should be re-attached the frame AFTER the feet is on the ground and stay in this state. In the same way, the feet should be detached the frame BEFORE they start moving.

As long as the controller is not in the attached position, it is considered in the detached position (like be scaled 1.02). When transitioning from Attached to Detached and back, the keys should be in the linear interpolation mode, to not misinterpret the ease-in and ease-out interpolations in “Bezier”.


In the same way Detach weight affect feet placement and movement, you can override procedural facial animation to force your animation to take over it. However, these can be used with smoother transitions and, also, to fully or partially override these facial animations. You will find these overrides on the right side of the face.

  • OverrideBlink to apply the blink from your animation on top of procedural ones.

  • OverrideEyes to keep the eyes movement from your animation

  • OverrideMouth for lips and jaw movement

  • OverrideLookAt to keep the head rotation animation

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